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Senior JavaScript Backend Developer

Role Overview:

The client’s system consists of an iPadOS app written in Swift and a React Web portal both powered by a shared backend APIs running on Node.js. The app is the primary interface for their users in the field and is highly valued by them. The team is now looking for a new colleague who will focus on backend JavaScript development, with will to act as a senior JavaScript guru that can helps them predict and solve difficult technology problems as well as fight accumulated technical debt. You won’t be just a coder, they expect you to participate on the design, documentation and shipping of the solutions as well.

They are handling sensitive data in a highly regulated environment which means they have to keep focus on quality and compliance and this brings unique challenges. At the same time, they are agile and they do have opportunities to use modern technologies. They have almost fully transitioned to TypeScript. They have production monitoring and a CI infrastructure for building and testing the whole stack. They are continuously migrating old components from on-prem to AWS cloud.

Additionally, it would be nice to have some experience with non-authoritative leadership, mentoring and coaching of team-members around you, contributing to the whole product strategy and various aspects of their ways of working. They believe that some level of natural leadership goes hand in hand with your seniority and spans beyond regular technical topics.

Experience and Responsibilities:

  • Backend software development in modern JavaScript and TypeScript.

  • Work on the whole backend, from MSSQL database to REST/GraphQL APIs.

  • Study the details of our backend technology to understand its advantages, risks and pitfalls.

  • Learn design and architecture of a larger enterprise system.

  • Plan sprints that contain mix of new features, bugs, technical improvements and even discovery topics.

  • Work with Git (Bitbucket), Jenkins pipelines, Linux.

  • Contribute and lead one of our working groups that drive strategic initiatives such as quality, automation or cloud transition.

  • Mentor your colleagues, lead them on the path of clean and maintainable code.

  • Evolve our JS stack to be more robust and up-to-date with today’s best practices.

  • Help us work around the current JS stack pitfalls that limit our ability to solve production issues efficiently.

Nice to have skills:

  • AWS (S3, Lambda, SQS).

  • React.

  • PM2.

  • Groovy scripting for Jenkins pipelines.

  • Experience with documentation and process automation.


Prague, Czechia

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