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Senior Scala Developer


● 2-5 years developing in Scala

● Practical knowledge of microservices concepts, patterns, best practices and

correspondent frameworks (Spring, Micronaut etc)

● Knowledge of other programming languages (Java, Kotlin etc) is a plus

● Solid understanding of CI/CD lifecycle

● Senior knowledge/understanding of cloud technologies and infrastructure (preferably

Google Cloud)

● Experience with version control system – preferably Git

● Passion to learn new things and build new projects

● Able to multitask

● Interest in finding new solutions and implementing task automation

● Interest to work in a multi-cultural and dynamic environment

● Excellent verbal and written English

About the project:

The Unified Label Service API enables company to realize new labels from idea phase to

production go live with a time-to-market of only 4 weeks. Labels are easily customized to

address product, country and partner specific needs and the solution dispatches input data to

select the right label at the right time. As a cloud-native and API-first microservices architecture,

our Label API is cheap, fast, and resilient (100% uptime). With Label API, we print destination country specific manual sorting instructions on labels used for cross border products. We also create “composed” labels that include DPDHL and partnerspecific sections to allow a network transfer in the target country without re-labelling the shipments. 

Currently we are looking for a new colleague to join us.

What you will be doing:

● Maintain and finetune infrastructure as code in the cloud

● Setup cloud infrastructure in order to modernize legacy infrastructure

● Support many projects related to automation, monitoring, testing and security

● Enhance existing infrastructure by implementing new components and best-in-industry


● Help other engineers in cloud technologies

● Implement and promote GitOps across the company

● You will be delivering robust infrastructure that hosts APIs used worldwide serving

billions of requests.



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