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UI/UX Designer & Developer

We are searching for a highly skilled and experienced UI/UX Designer & Developer with a focus on User Interface, User Experience and visualizations. You will be developing an intuitive, game-like control ecosystem for robotics applications. 

How would we imagine the ideal colleague:

  • Skilled and experienced designer with a track record of UI/UX implementation projects and/or interactive visualizations

  • Ability to create visually appealing mock-ups, visualizations, presentation materials and marketing graphics related to the project

  • Front-end development experience / able to code the UI (React + CSS + TypeScript)

  • Intermediate English

  • Responsible, well organized, good time management skills

  • Friendly, curious, creative

Considered a plus:

  • Knowledge of Unity (or an alternative multi-platform tool) and its interoperability with Python and PyTorch

  • 3D graphics in WebGL (and similar)

  • Experience in designing and maintaining desktop applications

  • Experience with back-end development / front-end development (Python, REST API, React, Javascript..)

  • Interest in AI, Machine learning, Robotics


  • Designing an intuitive, game-like interactive interface for controlling robotic and AI systems (rapid prototyping for PC with multi-platform outlook)

  • Know how the UI works, know what’s missing and how to improve it

  • Close cooperation with colleagues who focus on AI and mobile robotics, visualization of 3D environment, streaming real-time data, data aggregation and mapping


Remote in EU

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