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As official authorized training partners with VMEdu and SCRUMstudy, our Scrum training courses, available in lecture and self-paced formats, are led by certified trainers. You can also purchase exam certifications through us, with three free attempts included. These globally recognized certifications not only validate your Scrum knowledge but also enhance your career prospects. VMEdu's impressive success rate of 98.7% stems from training over 500,000 students across 3,500+ corporations in 150+ countries through their network of 2,100+ training providers. Join us to empower your career and expand your professional horizons.

Get ready to unlock your agile potential with our Scrum training and certification offerings. From the Scrum Fundamentals to the Scrum Master Certification and Scrum Practical Training, we're here to fuel your passion for agile excellence.

Join us on an adventure that goes beyond mere training – it's a journey to embrace change, foster collaboration, and ignite your agile spirit. Let's dive in, discover, and transform together!

Our self-paced courses
with certification

Self-Paced Online Courses + Certification
3 Free exam attempts
  • Self-paced online course + Certification
  • 3 free exam attempts

We offer self-paced courses inclusive of a certification exam voucher, providing three exam attempts. The voucher remains valid for three months, allowing flexibility in your study schedule. Additionally, the VMEdu® Mobile App

facilitates convenient learning, enabling registered students to access courses, view videos, study guides, and utilize flashcards, practice test questions  for an efficient and mobile-friendly study experience.

Scaled Scrum Master
8650 CZK / 350 EUR
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Agile Master
9900 CZK / 400 EUR
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Expert Scrum Master
14800 CZK / 600 EUR
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Scrum Developer
4900 CZK / 200 EUR
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Scrum Product Owner
12350 CZK / 500 EUR
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Scrum Master
7400 CZK / 300 EUR
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Why choose our Scrum Certification for career growth?

  • In-demand skillset
  • Career advancement
  • Industry recognition
  • Skill Validation


On average, Scrum-certified professionals earn 25% more than their non-certified counterparts.


72% of our certified Scrum professionals secure new job opportunities within six months of completing our program.


Over 75% of recent job postings for project management roles in IT specifically requireScrum certification.


80% of organizations use Scrum, indicating a strong demand for Scrum Masters to facilitate the agile development process.

Why choose our Scrum Certification for career growth?

  • Enhanced Team Productivity
  • Customer-Centric
  • Market Responsiveness
  • Higher Return on Investment (ROI)


Companies that invest in Scrum-certified teams report a 30% improvement in team productivity and efficiency.


Scrum-certified development teams have seen a 20% decrease in defects and an 18% increase in product quality.


Scrum-certified companies have achieved an average of 12% cost reduction in project management and development processes.


Organizations implementing Scrum methodologies often see a 15% to 20% increase in employee motivation and engagement levels

By completing
this course you will

What sets us apart?



Experienced and certified trainers accredited by recognizable scrum organization ScrumStudy.


Customized Training

Training tailored to the audience needs. Training program will be adapted to fit your industry, size and unique challenges.


Interactive Learning

Engaging training methods such as simulation, workshop and real-life case studies which make the training effective and memorable.


Practical Insights

Real-world Case studies inspired from diverse industries showcasing how scrum principals are applied for successful Agile transformation.

Mohamed Harzalli

Scrum Trainings program leader @The Workly

I am Mohamed

PMP®, ACP®, AMC™, SPOC™, SMC™, and SCT™

I'm a Certified Scrum Trainer accredited by Scrum Study, with over 18 years of experience in the IT field, specializing in Project Management and Agile Coaching. As the Associate Director Agile Coach at MSD, I've trained professionals at all levels, helping them master the Scrum Framework and drive successful Agile transformations in their organizations.

My career has seen me working with top industry players, including 4 years at Hewlett Packard, 9 years at IBM, and 5 years at MSD, providing valuable insights into IT and Agile practices. Holding certifications like PMP®, ACP®, AMC™, SPOC™, SMC™, and SCT™, I'm dedicated to keeping up with the latest industry best practices.

As an Agile Master, I've led cross-functional teams across various industries, enabling them to embrace Agile values and principles. Our training programs have a dual focus: preparing students for certification exams while also imparting practical knowledge about Agile methodologies. We aim to equip professionals with both the theoretical foundation and real-world skills to excel in Agile and Scrum, ultimately contributing to organizational growth and success.

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